Maize Farmers in Karnataka

Karnataka, India

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This project involves supporting Maize Farmers in Belgaum Karnataka who are employed through Farmer Producer Organisations to gradually transition from chemical agricultural practices to a more sustainable form of agriculture and crop production. The project will regulate water use, soil use, fertilizer use etc. and ensure maximum benefits in terms of crop production and yield. The above activities also mean that this project can access carbon finance. This finance will be used by the FPOs in order to efficiently and smoothly raise working capital for the continuation of the project. The aim of the project is to halve the interest rate from current levels. This subsidy will be financed by a unique model combining the benefits of Carbon Finance as well as other green instruments such as Climate Bonds.

Background of Project

This data pertains to only Kharif season (main crop) since majority farmers practice rainfed agriculture. In Gokak, Hukkeri, Savadatti – in around 5 FPOs, maize is planted in Rabi season too, so that would contribute at least 60% additional quantity of maize available.

The Project

The project aims to access the blended finance from green bonds, micro finance & carbon finance. The key activity of the project aims to transition the farmers from chemical agricultural practices to sustainable agricultural practices. The project targets 9 FPOs in Karnataka. Each FPO has 1100 farmers.

The Benefits

The benefits from the programme include improved soil health, improved water quality and management, reduced chemical fertilizer and pesticide use, healthier crops which leads to less product wastage, Training and capacity building of farmers on sustainable agriculture techniques by IFHD, Crop yields – Crops are maintained and not negatively affected, Local Employment – Recruitment of project staff and monitors, Self-help groups with a significant number of women are created; so as to encourage collaborative decision-making and working.